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I love markets. I love investment strategy and I especially love technical analysis. But if there is one thing I would hang my hat on, it is that I know financial advisors. My first job out of college was as a financial advisor, and my entire career since then has been spent serving them. And that’s why I started Beat the Bench, to bring institutional-level research and investment strategy to financial advisors, at an affordable price and tailored specifically to their needs.

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Free subscribers will get access to ad-hoc posts, market musings and occasional trade ideas, but I believe that if anybody knows the value of good advice, it is investment advisors, and Beat the Bench is first and foremost a paid venture.

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  1. The Monday Morning Playbook. Delivered every Monday morning at 6:00 am ET, The Monday Morning Playbook breaks down the market's most important stories and how you should be positioned for them. By applying a trader's mentality to managing portfolios relative to a benchmark, the MMP highlights the most important trades to take or not take in portfolios, week in and week out as well as the technical set-up for major indexes, sectors and the areas of the market set to move that week. Paid subscribers can also watch me walk through the Monday Morning Playbook in a video webinar delivered with each post.

  2. The Deep Dive. The most in-depth piece in the lineup, The Deep Dive explores one critical sector, asset class or market story from every possible angle. If it's the dollar, I go in-depth on key currency pairs, inter-market drivers and industries most affected. If it's the tech sector, I look at the technicals for key ETFs, individual stocks, factors, sub-sectors and more. Speculative growth stocks, cryptocurrencies, carnage in the bond market, whatever the story is that you need to know, The Deep Dive will show you what is actually happening under the surface.

  3. Stocks: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly. My analysis always starts at the top, but it wouldn't be top-down analysis if it didn't go all the way down to the level of individual equities. While The Monday Morning Playbook will help set the macro stage, my weekly individual equity report highlights attractive long set-ups (The Good), stocks to avoid (The Bad), and important equities that just aren't trending, yet (The Ugly).

*Please note, paid subscribers will receive these publications 48 weeks out of the year, as I will take off four weeks per year, with notice given the week prior.

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Investment Strategy for Investment Advisors


Scott Brown, CMT

Founder and Chief Investment Strategist at Beat the Bench